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My wife dressed like a whore with flesh knee highs and sandals

My mature wife dressed like a whore

My bitch asked me what kinf of pictures I need. So I asked her to dress like a whore with the flesh knee-high socks and her sandals. She put on a jeans mini skirt to complete the outfit and look like a whore ready to suck truckers on a highway...

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My wife dresses like a whore with sandals and socks

A mature whore in sandals and socks

I left her a pair of black socks and told her which sandals she should wear them with. In my mind, it was supposed to make her look like a hooker. It did give her a little bit of a whore look. Once again, she showed us her pussy. Would that little...

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My slutwife paints her toenails red

My slut wife paints her toenails red

Sunday afternoon, it was time for my girlfriend to paint her toenails again with a pretty slutty red. So I admit, we didn’t respect confinment for once and we had some dirty sex. After that night I left her a pair of black cotton socks that...

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